venerdì 6 ottobre 2017

PBR Painter V2


This is a new version:

 new features:
 - bug correction
- autosave for image
- metallic value for each layer

Download Link

sabato 30 settembre 2017

PBR Painter

First Release of PBR Painter, a new tool for blender 2.79 for paint on principled BSDF

Download link

giovedì 21 settembre 2017

Bake All 02 adding 32 bit support

Now support 32 bit image creator for bake



martedì 19 settembre 2017

Bake All 0.1

This simple Addon make the Bake process more Faster.

- save your file
- assigne a new material on the objects (single material for each object)
- select all the objects
- choose the bake option in normal bake panel
- open Bake All panel
- select the image size and render Samples
- Click on Bake All


Download link

use versione 0.2

venerdì 15 settembre 2017

Size Me 0.1

This Addon can calculate the scale of an object (like an image plane) to fit the real measure on it, like quote on a plan.
See the video for more info:


lunedì 1 maggio 2017

Camera Tools 0.2

Little update of Camera tools, now you can set the time of the waiting to switch to next camera.

Download Link

sabato 29 aprile 2017

Camera Tools 0.1

I'm writing ad Addon to manage multiple camera in Blender.

Little video to show features:

Hope you like it:
Download Link